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    Create your account for freeAccess all features right now.
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    Add your books and your linksDon’t forget the links to your social media.
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    Customize colors and styleYour readers will see a page that looks like you!
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    Share your 1link everywhere!On Twitter, Instagram, TikTok, and why not in your books?

Get a beautiful 1link for your profile, at a fair price.

Basic features are free for your first book.

  • Customize colors and style
  • Showcase one book
  • Unlimited links
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  • Customize colors and style
  • Showcase unlimited books
  • Add a banner picture
  • Unlimited links
  • Remove 1link icon
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Frequently asked questions

How is 1link better than Linktree?

With 1link, you can showcase what is the most important for your readers: your books. Linktree is designed for as many people as possible, whereas 1link is specifically designed for authors who want to showcase their books.

Is 1link free to use?

Yes, you can get a 1link page for free and showcase one book. You’ll have access to all customization features.

Can I customize colors with a free 1link account?

Yes, you can choose any color your want for your page background and for the buttons.

What does the Premium subscription offer?

With a Premium subscription, you can showcase more than one book, and add a banner picture to your profile. If you want to, you can also remove the 1link logo from your page’s footer.

Can I cancel my Premium subscription anytime?

Yes! In your account settings, you can cancel your Premium subscription. You’ll continue benefiting from Premium features until the end of billing period.

I purchases the Premium subscription and I’m not satisfied…

If you cancel your subscription during the first month, just send us an email and we will refund the first month.

I have another question…

Contact us by email or find us on Twitter!